Mental Cleanse – Yesterday and Today

Today topics like mental cleanse or mental hygiene are very popular. The law of attraction has opened the consciousness for this thought on a wide scale.

die 3 AffenStein

In Japan the 3 monkeys on the image  symbolize:

   * don’t hear bad things

   * don’t see bad things

   * don’t speak bad things

Does this ring a bell?

The Law of Attraction is as old as mankind! It is fascinating that we re-discover this basic law at this time.

And at the same time it is the age of business restructuring – the new industry of network marketing is growing constantly and with this new understanding of how  human interaction works it will grow to the reputation it is designed to have.

An increase in ethical understanding is about to eliminate more and more companies which were designed for rip off and pampering of ego.  Clarity is about to increase. People with increased ethical awareness will come on board and succeed.

Look at the good things, propagate the ethical ideas and don’t listen to those who want to spread crap.

Be in touch if you need support with your personal mental cleanse!

To Your success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Darlene


    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. When more people can think with a “critical” mind the law of attraction will serve them much better. It is important to think with this critical mind to avoid the scams, especially the ones that are hiding like wolves in sheep’s clothing!!

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