The Ant Philosophy by Jim Rohn

Ants are a fascinating species – no wonder Jim Rohn liked the analogy he was teaching.

An ant hill, as  in the picture, is a very precisely organized society. Everything is in place, nothing is left to chance. Everything they do is organized and duplicable by all the ants who belong to this group. No wonder they are masters at survival as well as at accomplishment.


Jim Rohn:

Over the years, I have been teaching kids about a simple yet powerful concept: The Ant Philosophy. I think everybody should study ants. They have an amazing four-part philosophy.

     1. Ants Never Quit

That’s a good maxim. If they’re headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they’ll look for another way. They’ll climb over and under, they’ll crawl around and they keep looking for another way – they don’t give up. What an awesome philosophy to never quit finding ways to reach where you want to go. A true role model!

     2. Ants think about “winter” all summer

What a circumspect attitude. It simply wouldn’t make sense to think summer will last forever. Ants collect their food for the winter all over summer.

Quotations like “don’t build your house on sand” are founded. A house needs a foundation to last and very much the same way we need to look ahead and need to do things in a well structured way as the ants – never deterred by averse “winds”.

      3. Ants think about “summer” all winter

This is so important. During the winter ants keep reminding themselves “This won’t last long – we’ll soon be out again” and on the first warm day, the ants come out of their winter domicile. They are flexible though – when it turns cold again, they dive back in.  however they sense the warmth and can’t wait to stay out doing their job.

     4. How much will an ant collect in summer to prepare for the winter

The answer is: All they possibly can. What an incredible “all-you-possibly-can” philosophy!

What do you think? The Ant Philosophy – what a great philosophy to have

  • Never give up.
  • Look ahead.
  • Stay positive.
  • Do All you can.

Leading by example, no bragging, no pitching – helping others on.

Life is  precious  – enjoy the ride!

To Your success

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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  2. Darlene


    Frieke, I love this concept. I wish I had known Jim Rohn and what he stood for sooner than I did. I had only heard about him just a bout a year before he passed.

    Having a firm foundation for any MLM business is the basis for success. Then a philosophy of never giving up. NEVER! Wow.

    Dave and I constantly look “ahead”. It is not much good to look behind for that is not the direction we wish to go. Our dreams lie ahead of us.

    Thanks for this post. Great job. I look forward to more of your content.

  3. Reply


    This is an amazing reference piece. What an amazing philosophy.

    It’s very sad when people come to an obstacle, and decide “it’s TOO HARD… I’m just going to give up.”

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Jordan Schultz
    ~Social-Media Specialist~

    • FriekeKarlovits


      Thanks for stopping by Jordan. Yes – it is amazing and it is always worth while to “go with the best” and Jim Rohn is a legend inthe industry!


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