Authentic Leadership in MLM – How Does Language Help

You can ask yourself one of the most powerful questions:

"Do I inspire people ?"

People who venture into network marketing will quickly  understand that

“to achieve more they have to become more”

Emotionally intelligent mentoring and leadership development, for leaders who want to achieve success with their team is an absolute MUST.

How to Spark Change

There are so many ideas and suggestions for this question. Many experts state that leadership is based on your inner most belief systems:

You must be a leader – deep down in your heart.


There are plenty of other approaches:

  • Become the person others will want to follow
  • Locate your strengths
  • Boost your self-awareness and authenticity
  • Live what you preach
  • Become emotionally and socially intelligent
  • Visualise to materialise
  • Be true to yourself, and change will happen

In reality, change doesn’t occur by extra-sensory perception alone. The quoted points all add to your charisma -  it stimulates the attraction you radiate. As a leader with an inner commitment to change, if you want to have any effect, you must communicate.

Good communication is the bread and butter in network marketing – it sets an example to those they aspire to lead.

Leaders’ actions – their attraction speak louder than their words, but nevertheless it’s what leaders say – or don’t say – that has an impact. It’s the right words that can create:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Energy
  • Bonds
  • Momentum
  • Motivation to last

The wrong words, careless words or even words said in the wrong place, can undermine your best intentions, your plans, other good work and kill initiative on the spot. They turn people off so to speak. This is true for any kind of leadership, all the more so in MLM which is a profession with a high emotional element.

Start getting your “how to say” right and not only the “what to say” – it will facilitate your life and success in building your business.


To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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