I love My Freedom – Or Why MLM Changes Your Life

Hm – I blink my eyes and look at the window – huh what a day – grey sky and rain – no way I don’t like that and turn round for yet another round of sleep. It is awesome to have thrown out the alarm clock. The only time I dig it up is when I want to catch a plane!

For the last couple of days the weather turned wonderful – sunshine and blue sky. What’s  more, my  pc  packed up  too. Poor me  enjoys a wonderful time in the garden –doing another run of landscaping and reorganizing and I also started to restore a couple of old chairs too! It is so nice to simply take time off without having to wonder if the remaining days of holidays will be enough  for the rest of the year…

When I choose to take the car and drive out somewhere for a few days – so what – I have all the time in the world, no boss who will harass me for not having been there, the money coming anyways – what a  wonderful life.

Time to go to USA  again for about 3 weeks in only 2 months and lots of other things till then.

A life which doesn’t have to follow a fixed schedule imposed from outside is best you can have.

Of course I also work – I love my team and helping others but I do it at my rate and in my case a lot of my schedule is determined by the weather LOL – gardening is my life – that’s unquestioned.

Got side tracked – of course I work –especially coaching people is so rewarding. We work in an international team so that everybody will be able to find a coach and mentor they like or else – none of us has to know it all – each and everyone has a specialty and for specific questions we connect with colleagues. This is not only convenient for us, but also shows people that team work is important  if they want to achieve success. Since we are a team and each of us is in network marketing, the mastermind team we have in place as a result  is exceptional – and what’s even more exceptional we do the entire training for free – we can afford and we explicitly want to make a difference.

Hm- you like what you read?  Simply join in. Start with the first step – the free e-book “Success In 10 Steps“ and we take it from there.

Have a wonderful day and I do hope you enjoy the same freedom as I do!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s heart

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  1. Darlene and Dave Mills


    I absolutely love the freedom you have. Congratulations you have earned it! I know of this international team of expert mentors which you speak of. It is like there is no prejudice with them. They work with anyone who is in any company to ensure that the individual receives the proper skills to make it in this industry and to finally have the freedom of which you speak.

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