Policies and Procedures – Trap or Benefit?

Today network marketing is an excellent chance to make money online. Once you focus, learn the required skills, take control of the work you do in a collaborative team you should be able to achieve your desired goal.

You agree? – Well , why do you think statistics tell us another story?

Signing up  for a network marketing business – no matter if online or on paper – what you are required to check-mark the policies and procedures as accepted. Everybody does so. However only a very small percentage of all people ever read them in the first place and of those who read them quite a number don’t fully understand them and accept them as “legal  talk that is required”. It is a fact, however, that it is the contents of these policies and procedures which lets many people fail in network marketing.

There are all sorts of tricky clauses which are not taken serious in the process. People miss the awareness that these clauses are contained to be used and they will be the victim. I want to give you a few examples:

  • Renewal: There are companies who claim they need it to be able to get rid of the “black sheep among the distributors – hm…
  • Termination clauses: for the most varied reasons – mind you – as a rule these are applied once you start earning more money – when you are terminated then it saves the company a lot of money!
  • Your Spouse is forbidden to have another business – it is enacted by companies but it is not within human rights to forbid a spouse to  have another business of their own – it is – hm -  like “slavery”.
  • A great number of subtle “hoops” not easy to see or find

The above list is are hints and it is by far not complete. To really know what you are  in for you might need help to analyze.

I do hope you are now aware of the importance of policies and procedures and you will make sure you investigate them thoroughly so that you will not be in for a major surprise at some stage of your career.

If you have not had the success you dream of so far this might be one of the things you need to look into – in most cases your lack of success is not your fault.

To have a healthy business with  long-term stability, where teamwork, flexibility, respect, collaboration, both within the team and with the company are part of the everyday business culture you need to know that you have a good balance on all levels of the business you are working.


To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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