We Need To Listen Better – Do We Really?

Wouldn’t it be great to be going out with your friends and when everybody is talking about their problems you’d find you could simply say positive things? You can let this happen right now. All it takes is to decide that you will stop telling “white lies” or half truths. This makes it uncomplicated for yourself to be open, emphatic and friendly. No need to resort to gruff ways any more. You will suddenly find it easy to speak up – let’s test this:

• Can you speak about your feelings in an easy way?
• Can you discuss with your partner what bothers you in your relationship?
• Can you simply listen to what your partner/business partner tells you?

Listen intently, in a loving way so that you get  the message of what is being said. This is the basis for any changes that might be required.

Becoming a better listener will give excellent results in any relationship – private as well as business. Especially when it comes to MLM listening becomes excessively important!

It seems to be the disorganised speed of life that caused the art of listening to become less and less important for too many people. Make it a priority to begin working on your listening skills at once. Be present in any conversation and don’t let yourself be distracted by the kids, the TV, your work or what so ever. If you are busy make sure the conversation can be re-scheduled to a more appropriate time.

The goal is to communicate your desires, wishes, goals, offers and to hear and absorb the message your partner/business partner is  conveying. You must be able to focus on the message. Listening is a very important factor when it comes to communication, but it is equally important to express also your thoughts.

People who are able to open up and communicate their thoughts, hopes and dreams are a lot opener. Females may be having a bit of an advantage when it comes to communication, whereas men may need to work on it a bit more and develop an awareness that will enable them to express themselves easier. Small talk and the right questions will be supportive in building a fruitful conversation. Adding the skills that facilitate transition to the right topics will be an extra benefit.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Darlene and Dave Mills


    Thank you for the reminder. We learn more when we listen. This my dear is how I learned about you…by listening, and you are important enough to me to take time to intently listen to what you say.

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