Modern MLM – Stop Pestering Family and Friends

What is your present situation? Are you having the success you have always dreamed of? NO? Well very likely it is not your fault.

What are you being taught by your upline or even the company – does it sound like:

  • make a list of family and friends
  • go back in your life to make the list bigger and add
  • class mates,
  • fellow workers
  • the postman, the milkman and the neighbor’s cat….

If your training looks roughly like that I suggest RUN! This is network marketing as it was done 25 years back or longer, way before the internet.

In Modern MLM there is no need to do any of this. Keep your family and friends. It can’t be fun to see them avoid you only because you have confronted them with your business “umpteen” times.

There is no doubt – not everybody will do everything. That’s good. After all we do need teachers, nurses, bus drivers, lawyers, to name only a few – if they all would be network marketers where would our society be?

The solution is to look out for people who have already expressed an interest in network marketing. See that you connect with them, that you build a relationship, best by learning together how to succeed in a dedicated mastermind group.

Learning in a team builds relationships and some of the people you met and bonded with will be happy to join you also in your business and for the others be happy that the work you did together let them succeed in what they are already doing.

You will say that this sounds easy – well it is in a way, but  you need to learn the skill required to act respectfully on the internet so that you will connect with the people you want. And of course  communication skills and personal development will play a part in the process.

Network Marketing as life is a trip. Very much the same way as you climb a mountain where you get higher up with every single step you take, the steps you take in this business will get you on. And as in the mountains you will run in to level spaces where you take steps but you don’t rise up – in the business these are periods of personal growth. Once you have developed to the next level also your business will get moving again.

You like the idea of modern MLM? Well, you are welcome to be in touch to be guided to a training platform which meets this standard!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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