MLM Strategy – Why Brand Yourself

When looking around on the internet the mass of MLM and other marketers who talk “hype” about their business is overwhelming. Let’s look at this analytically:

Basically MLM and many other types of business – no matter if affiliate, direct selling or what so ever – are designed that people join together to work on a common goal. But – is their company their goal? Of course not – every single person who joins such a business ultimately does so because they want to improve their lives.

What happens when their marketing strategy  is “hype” around the opportunity? There will be lots of people who do the same. Potential prospects get confused. Even if they are talking with someone they might  not understand as newbies that p&psif they join they rather ought to join the person they are talking with – they might be hitting on an identical link and then sign up because they just feel like it and what the person they were talking with said  had made sense to them. And people who act like that are likely to “hop around” from one opportunity to the next too!

Then of course many companies forbid in their p&ps that people actually market on the internet or use their name without special permission, etc. – ups – what a problem – you may end up being dismissed once you actually earn money! Contract stipulations are contained to be used!!

You have an option: “brand yourself” – firsts you are starting to position yourself as an expert. By doing so you learn a lot yourself and you get better by the day at what you are doing. If you have deficits of knowledge in some areas – get educated – it gives you the background that you will be able to educate your prospective business partners.

Most people today know about the law of attraction – it works! So do all you can to become the person with whom others want to be. Become the magnet that attracts people! No hype, no nothing can do this for you. It’s got to be YOU!.

Once you have established a relationship with people it is inevitable that you will be asked what you are doing and people will actually ask you if you would be ok having them in your business!

Of course this is a process. Most people don’t see that this process can be handled best in a like minded mastermind group of supportive people. Some people actually see this and it is those who become leaders in due course.

Another reason why it is a necessity to brand yourself is that you have to be the central figure in your business – the mother hen so to speak. Why? Let’s assume the company you are with goes bust (of course we hope it won’t) – if you have a tight relationship with your people, if you are a  true leader, it will be no problem for you to brainstorm with your team where to go, which other company to choose so that your income will simply continue.

That’s kind of important, don’t you think? After all a good MLM business is designed to pay not only you, but also your kids and grand kids – therefore seeing the “big picture” is of vital importance!

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Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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