Network Marketing is Organic


Look at a healthy tree.:

First of all the young tree has to be planted. To grow well it needs a well developed system of roots which keeps continuously expanding to guarantee good supply of water and nutrients to its crown. Of course the good supply will only be there if the soil in which it grows is fertile and humid. If all this applies the growth of the crown with ample of foliage happens automatically.

After a certain period of growth also blossoms will develop and eventually fruit – the harvest!


Now look at network marketing:

First of all the business has to be started. To have it grow well, a team has to be developed which of course will only develop well in a nurturing environment of teaching and of support, were all the requirements regarding tools as well as loving personal support are present. As a result the team will continue growing, the turnover will grow as well and eventually the income you expect to develop will be there.

After a certain time this income will be substantial and will be residual – the harvest!

Can you see the parallel? The tree as well as a network marketing business take time to grow and need a good basis of support to finally yield fruit year after year after year.

Now ask yourself this question:

Since you know that a tree takes years to really give ample of fruit for years to come, will you plant just any tree or will you choose carefully so that you can be sure the fruit will be all you want?

That’s why you also need to choose carefully when you look for the business you intend to base your life on. You want it to be honest and solid, trustworthy, legal and long-term – after all it is your life that is at stake!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

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