In MLM You Can Choose With Whom You Work

Let your life pass in your mind’s eye. Start with Kindergarten, then pre-school, and the next schools you attended, also college, university. if you did an apprenticeship review that, then your jobs and other obligations…

Everywhere you had to accept the people around you if you wanted to or not. Fortunately we do have some nice ones around in each stage of life, but we also have to cope with some who are really not to our taste. It gets even worse when the people you don’t like are your teachers, your boss or even members of the family. We never ever had a choice!

It is fabulous in network marketing once you have understood that you do not need everybody you meet – in fact you need only a hand full of people and make sure you choose those where you can very well imagine to be on a long cruise together and enjoy and have fun! This is critically important – why? Well in a good network marketing business you will be partners for life – so you better make sure you like the people you chose.

This is a very clear concept, yet to be able to pull it through you also need a company that understands and gives you the right kind of support. A highly ethical attitude is what you need on all levels – company, upline and partners. You will perhaps ask how you are supposed to find out about the company. No problem there is free coaching at hand where you learn it all if you are coachable. There are clear criteria by which you can determine what is what.

As far as your upline is concerned – well simply request help and support – ethical people will gladly provide it and be happy to serve you. Make sure you trust the law of attraction, as when a big group of ethical people join to form a mastermind group it is automatic that it is like minded people who are attracted -  the others will not feel comfortable in such a team – too much challenge if you don’t serve from your heart!

All the best of luck with this challenge and feel free to be in touch for support.


Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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