Network Marketers Are Story Tellers

Writing  articles is “story telling on paper” – well nowadays I rather guess on the internet!

Here we face a discrepancy – by far no all network marketers find they can write easily. So this is what I suggest – get your story telling going at the beginning when get to know your network marketing business from scrap. Create your extensive set of stories you tell people when you talk to them. Personal stories where people can connect!

Parallel or with a slight time lag start your written version of this skill – become a writer, an author!

Knowing how to write your articles, and pretty quick, will be such a benefit! As you are a network marketer and not a freelance writer you need to acquire this skill of writing to be able to use article marketing in promoting your website, your business and/or your products.

You can create a blog online, submit them  to Ezine, publish them on social sites – whatever you consider to be the right background. Make sure you set up tools like rss feeds, directories, google search functions, email subscription service,… The better you are organized the better your seo optimization will perform. There are no limitations to your creativity! Eventually publishing may even become a hobby for you.

Check the following suggestions as a first step for writing your articles quickly:

  • Keyword research – obviously your topics should be in tune with search habits and you can explore this by doing keyword research. It gives you  a list of keywords to use in your article. Make sure you chose a topic where you can exhibit your expert knowledge which will give your target readers interesting reading and some valuable hints to apply in life..
  • Do a bit of research – don’t spend your day on it though. For competent information pick the 3 most reliable online resources you can find. See if they contain specific information that you can use in your articles.
  • Keep in mind that online users prefer comparatively short articles. See that your topics can be discussed in 500 words or less. Going into detail on 3-5 major points should be adequate. For more information you can always create an article series. This gives you the benefit of multiplying the number of articles you publish without having to work long hours for them.
  • Edit when you are done putting all your ideas into writing. Messing around with grammar or spelling in between costs you too much time and is distracting.

Once you have started this process of writing you will very likely find content a lot easier than you have expected and the results you will be getting will be your reward!

Teaching people how to write articles is another feature of Mentoring For Free!

Remember – becoming an expert at network marketing takes time and learning. But fortunately it is learning “on the job” which makes it a live and successful process.


To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Glyna Humm



    You have a nice blog here. I really like this post – I know a lot of us struggle with how and what to write on our blog.


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