The Impact Your Five Best Friends Have On Your Self Esteem

Recollect – how do you interact with your best friends?  Are you talking about your dreams and visions in life, laughing, teasing, supporting each other?

Or is it all talking about the problems in your life,  complaining, worrying, gossip, and other negative stuff ?

Your self esteem and self confidence is largely determined by who you spend time with, and what you are sharing when you are together.

There is this notion that “you are the average of the 5 people” you hang around with. If these 5 people have a positive attitude and move forward in life you are likely to be on the same tack. It may get you down, however, if these friends or acquaintances have a narrow and limiting attitude towards life.  This basic rule applies to an overwhelming extent also to our success curve in network marketing or the home based business you do.

If you want to feel good about yourself, want to have success, be a glowing example you have to take a serious look at your friendships and the people you surround yourself with.

Answer these five questions for yourself:

1. Do you have healthy friendships?
Now what does it mean “having a healthy friendship”. Let us say here that in a healthy friendship both sides feel happy, content and supported and yet they don’t feel limited by the interaction as there are no conditions attached.

When you look at your friends do you feel that you need to follow their advice even if it goes against your grain, or do you occasionally let your friend down? Are you too much part of each other’s life? If so you might have to adapt your friendship a bit.

2. Do your friends support you in achieving your dreams?
Are you perfectly comfortable with your friends when you  are speaking about your dreams with  them and do they give you support and motivation ? Or do they “protect you” and point out all the possible reasons why you will never be able to achieve your dreams?

3. Can you discuss the positive aspects of life with your friends?
Do you inspire each other by discussing what is great in life and in your business? Do you brainstorm positive solutions to problems and challenges when you are together or do you tend to get hooked up in problems?

The world is a mirror, the Law of Attraction clearly says that you get what you focus on. This is spiritual  physics and your choice is to set your focus right!

4. Are your friends grateful for what good they have life?
Are your friends pleased and grateful for what they have? Do they freely share their abundance? Do they support the energy of Earth in a positive way? Are you grateful to have them in your life or even in your business?

5. Are you happy when you spend time with your friends?
Next time you have a get together with your close friends observe if you actually do feel light and happy, weighed down or irritated!

At times life and business require decisions, not every day is an easy one. A positive friend will lift you up and brighten your day, point out your strengths and believe in you till believe in yourself again.

It is a gift to have a real good friend who is fully present in a loving and supportive way. Feel blesses indeed if you have friends like that and make sure that you are such a wonderful friend too.

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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