A Residual Income – Scam or Opportunity!

Residual income is not new. The conventional perception of a residual income are e.g. : Income from investments,  royalties, income from renting out real estate, etc. This in itself explains why a residual income was not something everyone could have – either you had to have a fair amount of money to make investments or buy real estate or you had to be a very talented writer who even had the capacity  to land a best seller. That’s why the term residual income has only become wider known in context with new business models like mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing – or which ever way you want to call it.

Working from home is nothing new either – in the old days lots of people worked from home doing handicrafts of some kind, like making shoes, sewing, making pieces of furniture and lots more. The big change which made people go out for work on a large scale was a result of industrialisation. And now the market is  changing again. More and more people want to work at home as it increases the quality of living considerably.

Buying a franchise doesn’t really fall into this category even though you may be able to make big money with it. There are two big handicaps – first you cannot start it as a part time income and second you have a high investment and in spite of making money the payback will eat up your profit for a long time.

This desire of people to have a chance at creating some extra income, earn money, preferably creating a residual income has become a real boom with the possibilities of the internet. There are thousands of offers for work from home, income streams, creating wealth, it’s become hard to know what and how to choose. As a result of this flood if information a massive amount of scam has also appeared.

For some reason making money online is considered something anyone thinks they  can do anyways – but it’s not like stuffing envelopes or other minor work from home of old.

A home based business is a new category of professionalism which has to be learned, studied, to have a change of success and to eventually end up creating a residual income that will permit you to retire. Entrepreneurs who start an online business have to know which resources to use, how to achieve a respectable or better even – first rate search engine ranking, how to create leads as the scam of buying leads will get you nowhere. Creating leads, custom leads is critical for making money online. Building relationships, teaching the people who come in by plugging them in a system they can duplicate is a must.

It certainly is possible to build a six figure income with a web marketing business opportunity, provided you do not get carried away with some hype screaming scam. Be a critical thinker and learn how to think and not what to think and you will succeed!


Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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