MLM And The Law Of Attraction – A Personal Experience


Back in the 1980-ties when MLM first came to Austria I was immediately attracted. Of course nobody knew a thing about it and within no time the media were full of reports about „the new pyramid system“ that was intruding into the market.

Being a rational person I could easily make out that this business was no pyramid but a very clever mathematical commission concept designed to let the man in the street have a chance at creating an independent income.

I had joined a team who provided weekly meet-ups – mind you the internet had not yet surfaced for everyday use – so weekly meet-ups were good by way of training. It was there that I heard for the first time things like „you have to write down your why“ . It was a very unusual thought for me and I didn’t really know`what to think of it. However I observed people who did it and who actually wrote their „why“ down. Pretty soon they appeared on stage as people who had grown business wise and as a person and I was astonished to say the least.

I had no inclination to think about my why, as the reason for it seemed to be rather „phoney“ to me. I tried to learn how to deal with the products, how to give an excellent presentation and did a lot of work in that respect – I had turnover, but my business didn’t grow. I simply couldn’t understand it as I had done good work on all levels. There were these thoughts of feeling inferior for not having success and more. My sponsor kept on at me about my why and eventually I got so frustrated that I stopped going to meetings and did my turnover and no more. I knew something was missing in my approach but I still couldn’t connect it with my „why“.

Years later when I connected with another business and another group it suddenly hit me – my „why“, I realised, that was the missing link. I wrote down my why, did personal development work very much in line with what nowadays is covered by „the law of attraction“ and… I started on my success curve!

There is no need to get this aha moment the long way as I did – write down your why and if you need to be coached so that you actually manage to do so request help. There is no doubt that writing down your „why“ is a central point for success in network marketing – so even if it sounds as „phoney“ to you as it did to me in those days – jump through the hoop and do it!

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Servants Heart

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