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Common goals  in people today are ideas like: Fire your boss, start your own business, become an entrepreneur running a home business, having success in business, to name only a few.

In fact it is the internet which enables entrepreneurship at an entirely different level. Internet marketing is the big growth area. However, as in any other more conventional business you have to set it up professionally to take your inspiration on the path of success. You need a business plan which you ought to discuss with an expert on the topic as a consultant to make sure your basics are sound. Of course you also need a certain amount of cash flow as you need to take care of having the right software to do your work. Super efficient back offices are available on the net for very reasonable money so there is no need that you re-invent the wheel As a rule investing (time rather than money) is mainly required in the area of personal education. You need to get to know all the possible resources and free training you can find on the internet, knowledge of technology which is required to eventually get going. But also specific skills are a necessity.

What is your first goal? Help yourself by accepting help. MLM as any other profession requires specialised knowledge as well as personal development to make it grow. You need to learn about building relationships with people, about the law of attraction and  that most people today do not want to be “sold”. The motivation for this effort is rooted in your personal goal – the reason why you stepped on this path of wanting a small business of your own! After a while most people will realise that MLM in fact need not stay in the range of a small business – with the right mentoring, which lets you develop your leadership skills and your capacity for management you will be surprised about the growth you may experience.

This growth is also directly related to the coaching you hand on to the people you work with not only yourself but in the entire leadership team. You and the team with whom you work provide a business service which will “breed” growth and personal development for all who participate – provided what you do and the system you use can be duplicated by everyone who joins in. Learning of the basics should put you in a position of being able to judge if this duplication actually works – if not – search until you find a background where it does work. This is the most important details when it comes to choosing a network marketing business.

MLM is not about sales, it is not about recruiting – it is about developing people so that they will be able to do what you do. This is the secret to success in this industry.

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Frieke Karlovits

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