Why A Steep Learning Curve Resembles A 5 Course Dinner

Quite recently I asked this question openly – strangely most people don’t seem to understand – so let me explain.

You are invited to a special dinner – all is ready and you just need to sit down with relish. So what happens – does the waiter dump the entire dinner including aperitif, starter, soup, main course, desert, all the belonging drinks and wines as well as coffee in front of you and leaves?

I am sure you laugh – certainly not – you get it all nicely served in due course, they will ask you what you prefer and will ask you if all is ok and they give you nice breaks in between to enjoy and let it settle – otherwise you might be getting indigestion instead of  having had an enjoyable evening.

Now let’s consider the steep learning curve in comparison. Every person will enter a course at the personal level of knowledge – not two persons are equal as far as knowledge and background is concerned.

When you look round you will find plenty of courses where you are simply dumped with a heap of resources and that’s it. Yet like with a delicious meal if you really want to make the most of it you need to get your information – first adapted to “where you are” and second in portions which you can digest and you need someone with whom to discuss the material, who will point you here and there to facilitate the training.

Especially in an industry as network marketing where a comprehensive education is not state of the art and lots of people seem to think they can do it anyways – well this situation as well as attitude is reflected in long-term numbers: 97% of all network marketers never make it, it is vital to make people increasingly aware of this situation.

Good coaching and mentoring is a necessity!

It is the easiest and one of the best ways of learning to lean “a bit” then put it into practical use and then learn again. This way you become proficient step by step, you learn the “trade” as an apprentice and after a year or two you are a network marketing professional who will be on the road to success, building a team based on relationships and trust, you will be able to give your team the same kind of training you received and you have a mastermind group at hand – the people who trained you – what an enjoyable ride. Success is the direct result of this approach and you will love it.

You want to start today? Simply be in touch or download the first step of this wonderful training, the free e-book,  from this site.


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Frieke Karlovits

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