Your Road To Success in Referral Marketing

You for sure know the story of the old man who died in the floods. Here it is:

In an area rain caused the water of the river to rise. After a while the roads had turned into shallow rivers too. People were hurrying to get out into safety. A group bypassed an old man who was looking out on the road from the window of his house. They asked him to come along – they offered him their help. the old man said not to worry as he was sure  God would help him. A while later when the water level had increased in the roads some people passed bye in a boat and again wanted to take him along and again the old man refused their help. then finally when the situation in that area had become desperate and the old man was sitting on the flat roof of his house a helicopter passed bye and the crew wanted to pull the old man up, who in spite of the precarious situation refused yet again and kept waiting for God’s support. In the end he died in the floods. Coming up to heaven he met God and was very angry. He told God that he had been a firm believer all his life and that he felt his trust in him had been in vain. God replied: I sent you the walking people, the boat as well as the helicopter – what else do you think I should have done?

This story is very critical  for real life. There are so many people who by normal means are having a touch time making ends meet and yet they constantly refuse to step on the road to success. Some are offered:

  • Various network marketing solutions. They often don’t even look at them and if they do they refuse.
  • They are offered free network marketing coaching which would show them how to succeed in network marketing and again they refuse.

Many of them have at some stage in life met up with a weird network marketing definition and have closed their ears as a result not realising that they have been doing referral marketing all their lives.

Even as a child we know how to promote what we want and want to get friends join us at the playground, for an ice cream, a book, a TV program or what ever. Later in life we are hot when we tell our friends about a super bargain we have just found, a wonderful restaurant, a holiday location, where to buy the cheapest petrol and “umpteen” other things – the only snag about it – we never ever got paid for it.

All of a sudden, when this natural be haviour is brought to them by the name of a network marketing opportunity, as a solution to step on the road of success which may put them in a position to finally own their life, it is not being recognised.

Fortunately many people eventually  have an “aha” moment where they wake up, where they see the chance of having success in network marketing – although some never do. which group do you belong to?

This is the point where free network marketing training becomes attractive all of a sudden, they grab mlm on line training and finally get going on their road to success.

Feel free to be in touch if I have helped you to wake up – I’ll be honoured to point you to excellent mlm training material which is there for free – just to be picked up and used

Frieke Karlovits

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