What’s An Ant To Do With Network Marketing?

Perhaps you wonder about this heading?  It is all about perception! Just imagine an ant crawling at the foot of a big tower as shown here.


    Imagine just for a minute what its horizon will be

   – how far will it see the world around?  Not so very far!

    And asked to describe what it sees. It will very likely talk about a mountain of stones, grass blades hindering its path and the like.


Now take that ant and put it on top of this very big tower. Perhaps it will even make the effort and crawl up – feeling the hard work of doing so..

Ameise    Imagine what its horizon will be   – how far will it see?


Let’s give the comparison with network a thought.

When you start out with a network marketing business, a good one, you will receive network marketing coaching from your sponsor and your team. You will read books on network marketing and perhaps do some mlm online training. Very likely it will strike you that a major focus of it all is personal development. They will talk about creating your dream, working on your goals, widening your perception. And very similar to the ant crawling up that tower you will have to put in some effort working through it, learning, wondering, perhaps not fully understanding the why behind it all.

You will be reading network marketing success stories, will be receiving tips and dig into network marketing secrets. You start building your network marketing business step by step. All of a sudden when you have “crawled” up the tower a bit you will start seeing the bigger picture. Your perception, your awareness of why you are doing what you are being told – like using your road to success tools, your system diligently will fall into place. You start seen the bigger picture. Your belief in your success in network marketing becomes stronger, you start understanding the reasoning behind the advice you are getting.

When you have finally climbed the tower of of awareness, of mastery in what you are doing – creating targeted mlm leads, helping other people understand what you have already learned, using your network marketing resources consistently and with persistence – you are overwhelmed. You understand. Now you can spread your wings and roar to success.

Grasp a helping hand, get expert training, remember the parable of the ant and get flying!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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