Why Use A Mastermind Group

What is a Mastermind Group?

As per definition by Napoleon Hill it is a group of people who work together in perfect harmony to achieve a common goal. Reflecting on this I was struck by the “perfect harmony” bit.

This is the most unusual situation when people come together. As a rule when a discussion group gets together it crystallises pretty soon that some of the group are leaders, others followers, again others are against everything as a basic attitude and others are listeners who do not express an opinion of their own. The result may be heated discussions and little to no results. does this ring familiar to you?

In a mastermind group working in harmony, every participant should participate, add his or her thoughts without fear of criticism, all put in thoughts  are to be considered as to their effect, positive or negative and then left to reflection. This way energy will build up. Energy of mutual understanding, energy of reflection, of tuning into infinite intelligence, the entire group will be connected in a relaxed spirit of reflection, even meditation. This is the environment where intuitive input can happen, new thoughts can come up, resolutions which not one of the participant would have considered on their own will come up and can be adopted in mutual understanding. That way a resolution was created! Of course this approach is highly spiritual.

Yet even in practical and tangible life this principle applies. Let me give you examples:

A car is a lot more than all of its components in one place. A house is a lot more than all the building materials it requires put together. A masters degree at university is a lot more than the compiled books and lectures,…

And a long-term, solid MLM business is a lot more than the number of its team  members and their turn over. It is friendship, mutual personal development and support, a common goal which is to be achieved by working together in harmony. It is a Mastermind Group.

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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