Keep Your Thoughts Clean!

We are so used to being immersed in all the news and information  brainwash on how bad the economy is, germs circling around and lots of other negative crap    which  is spread everywhere. We don’t even realise that our thought pattern has adapted to it way back. We tend to tune into the negative chatter when we meet up with people or discuss the present situation wherever opportunity arises.  What we need to become aware of, however, this does not serve us in manifesting our dreams. Is not a good use of energy. IM000644It is a huge handicap when you want to “own your life”.

Such actions have to be be dismissed from our thoughts and from our lives to make room for our creative connection with universe.

We think in pictures. Look at the coy carps on the left. They are luck tokens in some parts of the world. When you will give them second thoughts after having left this blog you will not recite a text on coy carps in your mind you have read on Wikipedia  – no, this picture will appear in your mind’s eye – you will see them!

You for sure know that some thoughts and behaviors hold you back, are obstacles on your path of life. May be you health is not as good as it could be due to your lousy lifestyle, or you have forgotten your imagination and replaced it with the negative crap you keep hearing. 

If your reflection continuously wanders backwards and you are stuck in wondering why this or that happened in your life  your mental energy is wasted as your past is history and you cannot change it. It is in thought, as it is in the outward world: You can go either right or left – you cannot go right and left. You can walk up a hill or down a hill, but you cannot walk up and down at the same time. So when you thoughts are trapped by the past you cannot create your future at the same time.

The same of course applies to your business/home business – when you keep wondering why this or that doesn’t work out or why you again and again failed to sponsor a new partner into your network marketing team  -  again – your energy is trapped by these thoughts and your creativity is blocked which can show you the way forward.

You need to change this habit. You need to focus on what you want. You need to give yourself a holy promise to “think forward” to reach your goals. Very likely you are tuned to be a person who keeps a promise. By linking the achieving of your goal with a promise to yourself the focus on your goal will become much clearer. To make it a step more specific give this promise to someone who you are accountable to in this respect. Put your promise in writing to make it tangible.

Such a promise will take your life, your focus and your results to the next level. It will propel you forward.
“You create the freedom of manifesting your dreams by stopping the habit of turning back to the old, negative conditions you are trying to get rid of” – this is what I have read recently!

Keeping your thoughts clean certainly takes commitment and repetitive practice, but it is definitely worth while.

It will be the way to take your life and business to the level you don’t even dare to dream yet. Be invited to dream. Be invited to dream big!

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart


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