4 Elements Of The Thought Process Beyond Our Control

Credit has to be given to Napoleon Hill for compiling this knowledge.

There are four elements of the thought process which are beyond our active control. You can adapt to them, but not control them.

1.) Infinite Intelligence

The higher power which ever way you may call it. You cannot discipline it yet you can tune your thought pattern in a way that you can tap it in a way. We all know that the subconscious mind cannot be controlled in the way as we do our conscious thought process, however, it is the connecting link between our conscious mind and Infinite Intelligence. As it acts on the dominating thoughts of the conscious mind this is the way we can take influence on our communication with Infinite Intelligence.

2.) The Subconscious Mind

Programming of the subconscious mind cannot be done by giving it orders – no the only way are desires charged with emotion. The subconscious mind does snot discriminate however – it only recognises emotion, cannot tell however, is it positive or negative. It will carry out the instructions of the negative emotions just as readily as those with a positive charge. It is therefore a necessity to practise hygiene of thought – become proficient at keeping those thoughts focused in our mind and emotion which we want to materialise

3.) Sixth Sense / Telepathy

This is the broadcasting and receiving station for thoughts. Thoughts are things – vibrations and, as the frequencies of mobile phones, TV, radio and more travel through the ethers and can be received by the appropriate devices, also the vibrations of thought can be received when our mind is tuned to an exceptional state of perception. A mastermind group will definitely be of help in the process.

4.) The Five Senses

Our normal five senses: seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and touching when looked at in a more specific way turn out to be deceptive as they work within certain given parameters. Take a film, where the wheels of a moving train all of a sudden seemingly move backwards or take object which are heated to different temperatures – when touching the skin one and the same object at one and the same temperature may at first appear cold when applied to the skin and  only a short while later may be perceived as warm when applied after and ice cube which was a lot colder. These tricks can be tried with any of the senses and demonstrates that you need to be careful when trusting your senses.

It is small wonder that personal development is such an important factor, that finding a mastermind group for support is such an important factor, that learning principles which can be grasped in spite of all these challenges is such an important factor. To succeed in life and in business we cannot go forward on make believe and assumptions. We have to learn to structure ourselves – we have to learn

“How to Think and not What to Think”

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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