Who Refuses Opportunity?

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Some people are so focused on looking at the closed door that they don’t see others opening for them!


Have you ever met people and talked to them about what you are doing? Have you found out that they were actually hoping to earn more money to get bye more easily? And yet to your surprise they have said NO?

This happens when people come from a position of lack. They have a belief system which doesn’t permit them to “deserve” more so they say no, or perhaps they even have just a bunch of excuses – yet excuses are a way to say no. This is a matter of experience – they do not even dare to say no as excuses are a way of making things look better for themselves as they just said before, that they would actually want more money. By way of excuses they convince themselves that there are enough reasons not to be able to do whatever you offered them.

As Tom Schreiter says: It wouldn’t be “no” for rich people. They don’t refuse opportunity. They are not programmed to look for the reasons why something won’t work. They are conditioned to look for reasons why something can work. There are always hundreds of reasons why an opportunity will not work, but also hundreds of reasons why the opportunity will work. It is your choice where you put your focus on.

In our society many people are conditioned for lack for one reason or other. To help overcome this handicap you can join a mastermind group which will help you overcome this obstacle. Studying and discussing a personal programming which is an obstacle together with like minded people is the best way of re-writing your program. This is a secure way to achieve success! Mastermind Group

Which way are you programmed? Find out and get going on owning your life!

Frieke Karlovits

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