Truth – Half Truths – Lies

What a hot topic! Let me at first limit it to every day life – a life of normal human relationships and business. When you look round on the internet to find out how to proceed in taking your business there, you are at first overwhelmed by the number of offers which keep pouring in. Every single offer sounds tempting, rewarding and interesting when you look at it as an uninformed “newby”. It is not only the new medium which makes things so complex it is also the general low knowledge about the industry of network marketing.

It is recognised truth by now – or at least it should be – that network marketing is not a selling business, but a business of building people. Knowing this it becomes clear that “truth” is relative. When it comes to dealing with people there is no standard, no data sheet which constitutes the truth, but there is the truth of universal ethics and respect, a quality which everyone knows but apparently only few can actually muster. There are a number of true facts which can be determined, like having a sound and mutually beneficial contract, commission plans which pay as they are claimed they will without having hidden snags which an average person cannot understand until they are trapped. Another truth which is critical – the willingness to give support in a genuine way which makes people succeed without having to distort the information, the background of a company which ought to be solid from the founders to their intentions and business handling. This list already shows that recognising the truth may be a challenge at times.

The area of half truths, however is by far bigger. As many of the points listed above are a challenge to recognise, it becomes easy to spread half truths, like tell people how good a company is although insiders know that the founders might not have a clean history or “bragging” about a commission plan although it may be clear to the “savvy” that is based on the failure of many, praising a product highly although it can be worked out easily that it is twice or even more the price it is worth. Even offering support where it is obvious within short that no average person can ever be successful with that kind of proposed action or even sell tools to people who are in no position to judge what value they get and who despair as they are not having success although it is not their fault and they are perfect the way they are.

Lots of points contained in the second group can very well also be considered to be lies. The only thing that puts them in the category of half truths is the fact that many people who proclaim them are not aware of the problems themselves and believe what they are proclaiming and this makes education on the topic such a challenge. How to explain to someone who believes what he/she proclaims that in essence they are riding the wrong horse. Very often they have to fall first, some of them deep, before they are willing to listen, to learn!

There is this old prayer: “Please let me understand what I need to understand, and let me bear what I have to bear and please let me have the wisdom to distinguish between the two”.

With that I wish you wisdom for the challenges you face

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Jennifer Fisher


    Thank you for this article. I rode the wrong horse 4 times and in all 4 cases, I do not want to believe the person (my sponsor) lied to me, they just repeated what they had been told… in all but 1 they were half-truths & some – mis-representations.

    One case, my upline was intentionally deceiving prospects. I got off that horse VERY quickly.

    When your gut says ‘there’s something wrong here’, best to listen and dig deep, because there probably is something wrong. And in my personal experience, it is better to admit somethings wrong and move on than to compromise our principals and character.

    Thanks again.
    ~ Jennifer

  2. Darlene and Dave Mills


    Why do people still not see that networking is in fact a people building, relationship building business? Newbys and those who have been struggling for years would do well to learn from this information you have shared. Great work.

    • FriekeKarlovits


      Thank you – I guess “to see” it is not enough to have eyes – one has to use them as well.

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