Do You Want To Be Somebody’s Relationship On Auto-pilot?

As somebody who is roaming the internet on a quest of building a home business you for sure have seen plenty of programs for network marketers which promise you plenty of leads on auto-pilot – 20 per day and more.

Now help me think – and I am not going to debate if this is possible or not – let’s simply  assume it is possible – after all it is being propagated by so many.

You get your first 20 leads. To call them to start a relationship will take you a few minutes per person – let’s say only about 5 minutes – this, together with the notes you will have to make will take you roughly 2 hours. You will say – that’s easy. Now the next day you have another 20 leads, again about 2 hours work, the 3rd day and the remaining days of the week too – in all 14 hours a week. Wow you were good you actually pulled it through to spend 2 hours per day on your business. You are proud of yourself -  you have found the magic wand in network marketing!

However – see the second week – you have some follow up activities for about 140 people. It needs to be done as you are aware “one contact is no contact” – if you take it at steps it will mean about an hour a day for the various follow up activities, but now there are the next 20 leads per day too and altogether you end up with 3 hours per day. Wow this is starting to become real work – 21 hours a week.

Consider the third week – you have 280 people for the follow up activities half for the first round, half for the second round and you are good, you can do this in a couple of hours and of course the 2 hours for the new leads………..I hope you get me! You in fact start wondering how this can be duplicable in a profession where the major percentage of people are having their main job on top of it and of course lots of them have family ties and obligations too. Hm – and yet you keep telling them “you’ll be getting 20 leads per day on auto-pilot” – but strangely enough you are not relaxed any more when you propagate this…….

When you have to call so many people you automatically  have an agenda – your agenda will be time and your capacity to remember, don’t forget: notes don’t do all – your prospects become more and more aware that you are not actually listening to them but doing a kind of routine job – they sense that you are stressed out and in a hurry when all they want is being heard – heard for whatever they might need in their business. The feeling that they are kind of treated as numbers is cropping in and …

after a few more weeks time very likely you will wake up because you see that in spite of all the well organised and massive work you are doing for your MLM business people don’t stay on, don’t connect with you, but instead move on to find someone with whom they will be “a person with a problem” who is seeking a coach and mentor who will listen to them without an agenda and help them to overcome their difficulties, to develop the skills they need, to grow as a person as, to achieve more you have to become more.

This personal growth factor does not only apply to your new people and business relationships, but it applies very much so also to yourself. When you work with people in a heart felt and respectful way you grow yourself and after a while you will be an awesome leader – loved and respected not only by the own group but by everyone  around you.

So what do you think – do you want to be someone’s relationship on auto-pilot or do you much rather go the human way, building life-long relationships of friendship and trust?

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Heart For People

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  1. Darlene and Dave Mills


    We do not usually build our non networking relationships on auto pilot such as husband and wife, work relationships and others. Why should we feel we can build a business on auto-pilot?

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