Luck or Attitude?

Sit down in a pub or some other place and listen to what people are talking –  There is this woman who has been on the first pages of a magazine, featured as the top business person of the year or the man who built a multi million Dollar business from scrap or that guy who actually got rich in MLM. I mean you know what I am talking about?

People who become rich always become the center of gossip. You will hear all sorts of comments like – well “she has had the right background, the right education, incredible luck,…” and a lot more along these lines. There is no doubt in people’s heads that  these are the dominant criteria for having achieved success, “luck” . Statements like these scream “ENVY” even though nobody will own up it! Attitude is a word never considered by the man in the street who spends his time in spreading gossip.

Let us investigate into this topic. What needs to be done to achieve extraordinary success:

  • You need to have the mindset for success
  • A written goal and dream
  • A definite plan – and
  • You need to take massive action


What’s mindset to do with success? Unless your thought centers around success nothing will happen. It is our subconscious mind which has a major part in what we manifest. Yet as Napoleon Hill says, the subconscious is dumb it accepts whatever is fed to it, no matter if positive, sad, negative or whatever. It is surprising! Mostly when people meet up with negative stuff they get heated and emotional about it and it is emotion which conditions thoughts that they are readily accepted by the subconscious. No wonder that so few people manifest wealth.

To be able to manifest wealth you have to program the subconscious with  thoughts about wealth and they have to be charged with emotion to make the subconscious understand. In a world where negativity prevails this wealth programming of the subconscious is a task which has to be performed on a regular basis with the necessary emotion and faith attached to it. Only perseverance in this topic will create the required results.

Written Goal and Dream

To be able to program the subconscious well,  a written goal and dream is essential support. It keeps you focused on the regular task of programming the subconscious. Manifestation takes time so this focus is a needed tool.

Definite Plan

When we keep working with our subconscious the means how we can achieve our goal and dream will pop up and we need to implement it into our definite plan. If you don’t pay attention to the input of your “gut feeling” you may miss out on information given to you by the infinite intelligence and your manifestation may not happen or happen at a later stage after you have mastered this step.

Massive Action

It is a well know truth – it is not enough to know we need to do it – to implement what we have learned!

Most people are totally unawares of these mental laws which explains why they don’t succeed or only on a moderate scale yet some have understood these laws and succeed at an astounding rate.

In every single business you will benefit greatly when you take this to heart and particularly if you want to build  a successful MLM business.  It is a necessity! Connect with people who understand these principles and help you apply them.


Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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