Communicate With Your Heart!

…oh, NO – not a love affair…………I am being serious YOU need to find your heart and finally see why we have it apart from the biological function it has in our body.

At all times in history the quality of the heart  showed up in society – in places like on this photograph an ancient tree where people go and write down their wishes on a slip of paper and put it in the string so that it may come true.

IM000460 It reflects: “I wish with all my heart” and I hand it over to the higher power to handle it.

In a time where the rational mind is totally overrated and schools and universities have their focus on learning “the parrot way” too often this quality of listening to the heart was even ridiculed for decades and longer.

It is this shift in the quality of time which dawned many years back, which started to redirect the focus of people to their more subtle qualities, like acknowledging the gut feeling to say it the common way, which also permitted new developments in our society like the development of network marketing as a new industry with entirely different perspective. However, in a world of rational thinking and calculation it took a while until some understood what it is all about with this new industry.

Even 20 years and more back there were groups who had understood the power of thinking with the heart. They taught topics like: find your dream, live your vision, connect through the heart and I still remember that I was sitting at a seminar and wondered: “What the hell are they talking about”? I would have wanted to know more about the commission plan and how it should be presented correctly or to have detailed information about the products and how they could be sold – in fact I felt really alienated by what was going on. It took me years of failure until it finally started to dawn on me, that these people might have a clue how to do this business successfully.

In spite of all these years of failure I was still in this industry – I am not a quitter and I considered it a challenge. Having continuously watched people succeed who were normal people, with perhaps less education than I had – I simply had to figure it out!

To make you understand – I am a green personality – I want to know it all and precisely – what a predicament to be in when you are used to succeeding with your brains and now realise there are areas where it is of no practical use and it was a big “aha” moment when I finally realised and acknowledged that it is the heart quality in communication which makes all the difference.

I figured it out and eventually built a network marketing business successfully. It is this long stretch of digging and learning though, which has given me some insights which are worth while sharing.

Since this world and life are never at a stop of course and the age of the internet has changed this industry entirely, learning never stops and it is great to be in a group where you can draw from the knowledge of the most diverse people – internet savvies, communication experts, writers, top advertisers and more. You certainly need to learn from those who do it, as  Richard Dennis and others.

It works so well as all of them have understood that communication from the heart makes the world go round, is the basis to create lasting friendships and help people achieve their goals but also their dreams.

You are more than welcome to be in touch and that way take a short cut to what took me years!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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