Got An Honest Upline?

Right – you love MLM and you know you can do it.  You screen the industry to find what you are looking for. At this stage you  for sure need to make it a point to know who your upline will be. Let me tell you a story to show you why:

There was this lady in a network marketing company. She was the first woman in this company who built her business quickly – so fast, that she reached the first rank of the commission plan in only 4 months.

This excellent performance made her upline jealous and jealousy breeds envy. Unfortunately, like many others in this industry, she did NOT bother to read the company Policies & Procedures. How terrible having neglected it!

It is a necessity that you carefully read the Policies & Procedures BEFORE you ever join a company. This may not be easy as, at times, you don’t find them before you sign up! Request them!

So when this lady joined the company,  she told them that her fiancée was building another MLM business. There was no comment, but guess what? In the Policies & Procedures of this specific company it was stated explicitly, that you were not allowed to make any money from another network marketing company – not even an affiliate program! If you violated this provision, you can be terminated. And what’s worse –  these restrictions applied to everyone living in YOUR household!

If you ask me this is worse than being an employee! As an independent business partner, how can anyone put you under limitations like that?

Being happily unawares, this lady build to the top of the commission plan. She was was highly motivated as everything went so well. Her pending bonus check was $7,000 as a reward for reaching the top rank in the commission plan  and what’s more, she was the first woman to have done it!

Suddenly she found her web-site turned off, everything closed down, without even getting a notice from her company.

She had not considered her upline! She was informed by her upline that she had been terminated as her fiancée was building that other business. Now, she had told the company that they weren’t married and that he was building that other business! –          So what you need to watch out for – any modification in a signed agreement requires the written consent of the issuing party! Otherwise the information given is only “hot air”.             It had nothing to do with her and her work it was simply the loop hole to get her out, to not pay her what she had earned!

Having not read them, she wasn’t aware that the company was viewing two people to be one and the same for the sheer fact that they were living in the same household and  that this was laid down in the Policies & Procedures.

But how come the company knew this??

Very unlikely that the company would ever find out unless someone [the upline??] told them? Well who would!– Since she was terminated the entire organisation and the income rolled up – what a coincidence!

The upline didn’t have that kind of success and now – well, no need to any more!

I know a number of network marketers who have lost everything, because they never read their Policies & Procedures. No surprise I strongly advise you to go to your company website at once, and read your Policies & Procedures! It may be an “AHA” moment for you!

What happened when you joined your company? Did you check a box by which you accepted the Policies & Procedures? But did you actually read them – …?

There is another common trap – people think, “Well, everybody I know is violating this rule – seems the company must not care.” Believe me, you can violate any rule as long as you’re not making any money. Only once you start getting a significant paycheck, the day has come when it’s worthwhile for an ill-meaning upline – or even your company – to terminate you for violation of your Policies & Procedures.

Go and find your Policies & Procedures and see what YOU are in for – Do It NOW!


Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor With A Heart For People

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