You and the Mastermind Group

YOU are the center of your life. YOU need to specify who YOU are and where YOU want to go.

YOU have to create YOUR Dream, YOUR Vision of life!

Does this sound different from what you were taught at home, at school or where ever? Probably. It is this attitude of putting yourself last which creates so many problems in life. Yet this attitude has developed over time. When you go into old scripts you will find the same/similar information pretty much everywhere: “love others as you love yourself”!

Putting yourself last has created lack and lack is a bad advisor, since we create in our lives whatever is on our mind most. So what do we create when we come from a mindset of lack? LACK!

Modern teachings all center around your dream and how to create one for yourself. This is easy for some, yet a process for most people. It is the environment which as a rule inhibits or in some cases even kills this process with statements like: “have you become an egotist”, “stay realistic”, “don’t aim for the moon”, “money is bad”, “why do you think you deserve this” – to quote only a few.

In the process of personal development when you are about to re-program your personal mindset you are very touchy when such statements  are thrust on you. Therefore it is essential that you keep quiet about your venture in the first place until you know that you want to really change your life and then to have support and comfort in an alien environment you need to mix with people of your own mindset. This will give you the strength to grow, to stick to your ideas or even expand them.

Best of all you join a strong group of people who have already mastered the new mindset or are well on the way to do so – a mastermind group. This group not only gives you strength and backing, it amplifies your capacity to move on.

When several people of the same mind set meet the energies add up and the capacity of the group and its members rises exponentially. In a mastermind group you have a safe space where you can speak your mind, gather support and ideas, receive comfort when life has been harsh on you and you need a helping hand to bring you back to your path of growth and personal development.

Lots of people will not understand this and try to draw you away, yet some people will understand and even join you as they have been searching.

When you google personal development you will often see sites where personal development is offered in context with network marketing – this is no coincidence it is so TRUE! Network Marketing, when done in the right way, is an industry which builds people and helps people own their lives.

The truth is the truth is the truth and the mastermind works! – It is up to YOU to discover how the mastermind groups works for YOU!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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  1. Tom Bailey


    Excellent points and I like the way there is a not a link to an MLM selling mastermind groups at the end.

    • FriekeKarlovits


      Thank you – anyone who seriously wants to nkow more can always pick up contact I feel… why waste time on links :) Take care and lots of success in what you are doing!

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