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We have been talking about goals – a lot in fact – so why now talk about your dream?  Your dream is an expression of the soul of life of your nature.

Years back when I first met up with someone who asked me about my dreams I was a bit put out as I had left my dreams behind me like so many. Passing through the educational system with its attitude of rationalism and the request that knowledge has to be acquired at any cost, had step by step and thoroughly eliminated the dreams. Not that I was aware of it as no one ever talked about them apart from dreaming during sleep and even talking about that was not too popular in those days.

The friend who had alerted me to think about my dreams obviously had encountered many people like me who had lost their dreams altogether. He started to coach me carefully, asked me what I had wished for as IM000480a small child and in my early years at school and even then I found it hard to connect. I met other people in groups who talked about their dreams and how important they are in life and so slowly I dared to risk a thought and another one and I used my so well trained rational mind to go that way and imagine. It was a start, yet I realised that something was missing. For me my dreams at that stage were a list of ideas which appealed to me as being nice, but they didn’t impact me enough to get me going after them. When discussing the topic with like minded people I even encountered another obstacle. They kept talking about following the dreams with passion as that would make them real and tangible. Wow – what a challenge – where do you get passion from when you have lost it as a result of the conditioning you have received for years and years…

Does this situation perhaps ring a bell in you? Do you feel odd, to say the least, when somebody asks you what your dreams are? Today the topic of dreaming, of creating your vision, of working on the dreams, the vision has become a lot more popular and more and more people are at least in theory aware of this concept. There are workshops available and teams who dedicate time to this kind of work and also in good business trainings the dream and the vision have found space.

If you are new  to this kind of work I strongly suggest you get yourself a pin board which you make your dream/vision board – you can start off with small things which come to your mind which you might want or do  and which at the moment have no room in your life and as you keep looking at the board you will step by step develop an  interest and a liking for adding ideas or even change some until at some stage you will realise that you have developed a relationship with your dreams and that you actually draw them into life through your imagination, later in your thoughts, your planning. And then one or the other of the dreams on your vision board will manifest in life and  now, if it did not happen before, you can also connect with the passion you are supposed to have for your dreams.

If you feel you need coaching, support to follow this path and perhaps need to remove some old junk from the back of your mind you can pick up contact any time – let’s talk it over – the team is there and ready to give you all the help you might want and need.

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart.

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  1. Eddie Garcia


    I believe all of us need to have dreams other than the ones during sleep. My ultimate dream/goal is to make it to heaven where God and Jesus dwell. I also want financial independence due to the fact one cannot depend on working for others to accomplish this need. I know this will happen in God’s timing and I will have to continue to push forward and do my part. I hope you have discovered your dream or dreams and are pushing forward so they will come true. Thanks for the post and for visiting my blog!

    Friends 4 Life!

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