Personality Colors and Communication

Communication is one of the vital factors of life and as such lots and lots is being written about it. There is a simple test to this fact – simply enter the word communication as a search word into Google and you will see the massive result!

Communication accompanies us from out first to our last breath. As a new born baby we communicate through sound – we cry when hungry or uncomfortable. Quickly the sound pattern becomes bigger and more diversified it is complemented by gesture until language comes in. Some aspects of communication are inherent and some are trained by example. It is this basic structure which remains in use for life even though it becomes more and more complex and involved.

Communication is the basis for interaction with others. At school, when getting trained for a job, at university, but also in private life, in the family, with relations, friends and people we simply happen to meet up. Yet communication is never trained systematically unless you are interacting professionally one way or other.

Communication as a result very often lacks sophistication. One aspect to which I want to draw attention today are the personality colours. Knowing about this facilitates communication on all levels.

Everyone knows that there are all sorts of people – quiet ones, loud ones, ones which socialize easily others who are shy. Looking at people from the point of view of personality colors is not so widely known and yet it proves so helpful.

Basically people can be split into open or self contained and indirect and direct. The 4 personality colours are yellow, blue, green and red. Yellows are open and indirect, blues open and direct, greens self contained and indirect and reds self contained and direct. This may sound a little complex but it can be cleared up easily in a training which offers also charts or description of charts.

Let me give you an example: Take a yellow person – as a rule they are nurses, teachers, helpers of any kind, in families they are the peacemakers. They will speak about their helping intentions but when asked a direct question, like “do you have children” they will be very short “yes”. Whereas a blue person will say “yes” and start telling you all the details of the beloved ones – blue ones are direct, remember?

This is a very short example of a personality color – each colour has specific characteristic and when you mind these in conversation and contact you can customize the information you hand out. another example give a red person, who is direct and self contained and very interested in money a detailed description of a business, tool or whatever they will run. The only thing that would interest them would be – how much money can I make respectively what’s it for.

Communication by customizing information to the type of personality you are dealing with is a definite advantage in personal as well as business life and especially in a business as Network Marketing, where the topic is building people.

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