How to Achieve Your Goals

A lot has been written on this subject,  how to achieve your goals. At first sight it seems simple, yet once you start working with people you are in for a big surprise.

When I first started to talk to people I naively asked them about their goals and found in many cases a total blank. Goals? What’s that, should I have some, I thought this is about football and many other surprising replies. It is surprising how many people get depleted by life and their surroundings that they forget it all, as children usually know very well what they want in life and from life.

So the first step needs to be to open up a perception for this kind of approach. A conversation about dreams or what they might do if money was no issue in life as a rules creates a willingness to start thinking about this topic. This is an intermediate goal in itself. A first step of bringing someone back to life! With increasing willingness vision or dream workshops are a good way to proceed.

Part of this process is creating the awareness that “loving oneself” is not an expression of ego, but a necessity and basis for a fulfilled life as well as a foundation of being prepared to work on goals and eventually set them and go for them.

An excellent support in this process is the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill which was already written in 1937, yet which is very useful reading and learning even today. Napoleon Hill gives very precise instructions as to how to proceed with personal development, setting of goals and much more.

Although I have been doing a lot about personal development for years I find that working through this book within a mastermind group is a challenge and opens yet other perspectives and doors.  In fact Napoleon Hill talks and explains a lot about the value of a mastermind group and it is fascinating to see it happen in practice.

Once the goals are set and charged in the right way drawing them to life is a natural consequence. It can be compared to building a house – if the planning is perfect the actual building is work, but the outcome is set.

Frieke Karlovits,

Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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  1. Darlene and Dave Mills


    Part of this process (creating goals) is creating the awareness that “loving oneself” is not an expression of ego, but a necessity…truly loving ones self does not as stated mean an ego. It merely means that we think enough of our selves to create the dream. If we egotistically talk about ourselves we generally have little else to emphasize.

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